Palladium Press, LLC is a book publishing firm headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, whose owners have over 50 combined years in the publishing industry. Palladium Press is committed to publishing only the highest-quality books by combining the use of luxurious imported fabrics, acid-free paper, sewn signatures, and distinctive “hubbed” European spines of exquisite 22-karat gold. Our management team is committed to providing our customers with books that will last for generations, all at imminently affordable prices.

Palladium Press publishes a wide range of products including The Second Amendment Primer and The Firearms Classics Library which are dedicated to preserving our Second Amendment rights concerning lawful gun ownership, including the history of firearms and the founding fathers guarantees in the Bill of Rights.

The Library of American Freedoms provides readers with an opportunity to explore the original words and actions of the founding fathers as they set about to establish the United States of America. This series will expand to include the works of our country’s most profound statesmen, right up to current events.

Outdoorsmen will appreciate Palladium Press’s Roosevelt Classics Library and Lefty’s Little Library of Flyfishing. The Roosevelt series contains the exact words of our most famous presidential outdoorsman, Theodore Roosevelt. Lefty’s Little Library provides the flyfishing enthusiast with tips, techniques, and stories from the world’s number one flyfisherman, Lefty Kreh.


Palladium Press guarantees to repurchase any book from its original owner at any time within one year of purchase