Conceal & Carry: Range Training and Drills with Rob Pincus - 3 DVD Pack

Conceal & Carry: Range Training and Drills with Rob Pincus

Personal defense and safety is a rising concern. Concealed carry laws are active in 49 out of 50 states making the protection of loved ones no longer out-of-reach. Available for the first time to the general public, Personal Defense Network (PDN) has assembled a series of revolutionary handgun training DVDs demonstrating:

  • How to shoot effectively if attacked no matter the location
  • Tactical movements with a firearm including advanced techniques
  • Distractions and variables in everyday life

Rob Pincus, internationally acclaimed personal defense instructor and consultant, delivers step-by-step techniques for defensive training with efficiency and consistency. Pincus’ expertise, training and background in military, law enforcement, executive protection and recreational shooting, allows him to draw from a broad experience base while providing effective reality-based training.

DVD 1 Combat Focus Shooting (73 minutes) Through this training, learn proven techniques for shooting efficiently if attacked, understand personal and family safety in a variety of common settings, deliver tactical movements with a firearm as well as close-contact and unorthodox shooting skills. In addition, learn combat focus shooting skills for semi-automatic handguns, revolvers, shotguns and rifles.  

DVD 2 Advanced Pistol Handling (67 minutes) Rob will teach you advanced shooting techniques and special training drills he developed for use in his training of military and law enforcement students, as well as everyday citizens who wish to improve their proficiency with a firearm—specifically for personal defense. This DVD provides realistic techniques necessary to prepare for an attack at home, in the car or on the street.

DVD 3 Defensive Firearms use in Public (59 minutes)There are many distractions and variables taken for granted every day; these variables influence your ability to recognize and deal with a threat, should one arise. In this DVD, learn how to deal with bystanders, responding police officers, and how you should respond if you are caught in the middle of a robbery.

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