The Marksmanship Primer

The Marksmanship Primer


Shoot more comfortably…more confidently…and more accurately than ever before with The Marksmanship Primer


Whether you’re plinking for varmints…Zeroing in on the practice range…Or stalking a whitetail in the field…We guarantee this new book will substantially improve your handgun or rifle accuracy, or you get your money back!  That’s right.  This is a WIN, WIN proposition for you.  You see, The Marksmanship Primer is a unique publication…like nothing that’s ever been done before.  Under the meticulous supervision of shooting and hunting expert Jim Casada, we’ve put together the 20th century’s very best writings on hunting and shooting marksmanship – 467 pages in all! 


Look at this roster of great – some even legendary – shooting and hunting experts that will be sharing their shooting tips and techniques with you:  Charles Askins, Sr…Charles Askins, Jr…Jeff Cooper…Edward C. Crossman…Julian S. Hatcher…A.L.A. Himmelwright…C.S. Landis…Jack O’Connor…William Reichenback…John “Pondoro” Taylor…Bryce Towsley…Townsend Whelen…Wayne Van Zwoll…The firearms wisdom of these experts is packaged in this one handy volume.  You’ll have a veritable “Firearms Hall of Fame” right at your fingertips!


No Brag.  Just Fact.  This informative 467 page fact filled book is GUARANTEED to improve your rifle or handgun accuracy.

Price: $19.95

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