The Library of American Freedoms

To a patriotic American:
I don’t have to tell you – a vicious cultural war is being waged against us. You and I have a duty to reclaim the freedoms that have made America great. That’s why I’m proud to sponsor this program. And to introduce it to you, I want to send you a custom-bound collector edition of the two great classics of liberty, The Federalist, for just $4.95!

That’s right, for only $4.95, (plus shipping and handling) you can own this celebrated book, authored by three of our Founding Fathers, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay. Then you’ll have the opportunity, but not the obligation, to acquire additional volumes for $39.95 each (plus S&H).

Each volume in this unique library has had a major impact upon our American concepts of liberty. Each includes an introduction especially written by Wayne LaPierre. Each is printed on time-defying acid-free paper to last for generations, then handsomely bound in imported custom fabrics with gilded page edges and covers embossed in 22- karat gold.

Welcome to the renewal of your freedoms!  Welcome to the Library of American Freedoms!

Price: $4.95

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